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Remedial massage in Landsdale,massage.  include  muscular pain release. Deep tissue.  Relaxation massage. and remedial massage  we  which can be focused on to ensured that your needs and expectation. When you attend remedial massage Landsdale Ibolya has  qualifications experience to ensure you are treated to the highest of standards.

Ibolya Balogh Accredited  and Registered Massage Therapist by ATMS.  With over 15 years experience. In massage therapy With practical skill. Health Fund Rebates Available. Including Medibank Private, H.B.F   BUPA and Many More. Workers Compensation, Insurance Claims Also welcome.

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Natural health therapy

Remedial massage is a holistic treatment assisting the body in healing and promote remedy tissue dysfunction. Involving various types of massage techniques. Help assist in the recovery of the patient.

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Or professional Services offered:

Remedial massage. Relaxation massage.Sports massage and injury rehabilitation.

Pregnancy massage. Ache, pains and headache Treatment of and relief from: Aches and pains.

Massage is relief of discomfort and tension using pressure and friction.

Remedial Massage in  Landsdale. Apply   full range of soft-tissue techniques to treat medical conditions and injuries.

When you attend the our Clinic. You truly are in the best of hands of  Ibolya Balogh  has the qualifications and experience to ensure you are treated to the highest of standards possible.

Treatments vary from a one and a half hour  to a half-hour back, neck and shoulder massage.Full body massage for relaxation  Whatever the time frame is required those muscle groups that require particular attention.

I do superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques. To enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity.

Pain relief. When combined with specific technique might help sub-acute, chronic, non-specific or specific low back pain. Furthermore to reduce pain experienced in the days or weeks after treatment

I m medical field referring clients to other Professional therapies.  i also  do mobile service  if  the person not able to come to my clinic.visiting office during lunch break.



I’m more than happy to help you  call me now   0418947024


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